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What is Sniffy, the (legal) energizing powder that is inhaled like cocaine

In itself, it is just a supplement like many others, but it is the way it is taken that is worrying. Sniffy is new energizing substance produced in France, and appears as a white powder to be inhaled. A little too similar to cocaine to not arouse suspicion.

On Monday, the French Health Minister, Catherine Vautrin, expressed her concern, also shared by the Confederation of Tobacconists, who are asking the authorities to ban the sale of this product.

The Sniffy trademark was registered about a year ago. The powder is produced by a Marseille company, which explains that the supplement provides «an instant burst of energy» that lasts 20 or 30 minutes. It is available in different flavors, such as passion fruit, strawberry candy and fresh mint, and seems to be designed for a young audience: «Sniffy will accompany you in many situations: during physical exercises, studies, exams but also at night» .

The ingredients are common and well-known: L-arginine, caffeine, creatine, citrulline, taurine, beta-alanine and maltodextrin. They are the ones who often come used for the preparation of energy drinks. A one gram vial costs 14.90 euros and is “essentially sold on the Internet”, as explained by Philippe Coy of the Confederation of Tobacconists, Philippe Coy, according to whom there are “a few dozen at most” tobacconists that sell the product.

Sniffy energizing powderFlavored white powder, created in Marseille, sold legally in tobacco shops with a straw for around ten Euros per gram and which is snorted like cocaineMAXPPP / ipa-agency.net

The problem is that Sniffy must be inhaled with a pipette. “It's done on purpose to give the sensation of consuming cocaine and to experience its effects, even if it isn't”, he explained to Le Monde Amine Benyamina, president of the French Federation of Drug Addiction, is very against the sale of the product.

However, the manufacturing company is keen to clarify: «A white powder that you inhale through your nose? No confusion, Sniffy is legal”, and recommends “starting with small doses” and increasing gradually, without exceeding the “recommended daily dose” of 2 grams per day (two vials) and to avoid interactions with alcohol or drugs.

The side effects of this substance can be similar to those of energy drinks: chest pain, high blood pressure and anxiety. AND inhalation can also cause microtraumas to the nostrils, because of the pipette. As happens to cocaine users.

Source: Vanity Fair

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