What is the PKK and its armed action in Turkey where 17 million Kurds live

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Turkish authorities initially blamed the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) for the recent bombing in Istanbul, but the armed separatist group initially denied this. “We have nothing to do with this incident, we do not target civilians and reject those who carry out such actions. We are a movement that is waging a just and legitimate liberation struggle,” he said in a statement. But what exactly is this “Pe Ka Ka” (as we call it in our country) that often – densely concerns the news? We hear about it all the time, but few know anything more than that it is a Kurdish organization fighting for autonomy, that they don’t get along with the Turks, that we hope that if we go to war with Turkey they will support us (or at best they will also open a second front inside the neighboring country) and that 23 years ago we had tried to help their leader Abdullah […]
Source: News Beast

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