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What is the significance of Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza

Around the hospital Al Shifa located at Gauze heavy fighting ensued, with Israeli forces entering the building’s basement and claiming to have found a hidden Hamas headquarters.

The CNN in a related report, he tells the history of the hospital and describes why it is important to the operations conducted by the IDF. The hospital is located in the western part of the city and it was built in 1946 when Gaza was still under British rule. It has long been seen as the backbone of medical services across the besieged Gaza Strip and has been hit in previous conflicts.

Ever since Israel’s first war with Hamas in 2008-2009 – nearly a year after the Palestinian group fully seized power, Israel has claimed that Hamas fighters have taken refuge in mosques, hospitals and other civilian sites to avoid Israeli attacks attacks.

Former Secretary of Homeland Security and director of the Shin Bet, Avi Dichtersaid in 2009 that he was “‘open secret’ among Palestinians living in Gaza that Hamas uses Al Shifa for its operations, a claim Hamas has repeatedly denied.

The hospital it was hit nine years ago during the 2014 Israel-Gaza war, which was strongly condemned by humanitarian and medical organizations. The Palestinians blamed the 2014 attack on Israel, which Israel said was the result of a failed rocket launch by Hamas.

The hospital it made headlines a year later when Amnesty International published a damning report on Hamasincluding claims that Hamas fighters interrogated and tortured people at a clinic in Al Shifa.

Source: News Beast

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