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What is X-Ray? Understand dynamics made at the BBB24 house

O X-ray is performed daily at the BBB24 house and it was already a source of discord within the house.

Like, for example, when Yasmin Brunet was penalized for not doing the dynamics. In addition to the very serious punishment, the sister lost 500 stakes.

Outraged by the situation, the model complained and sent a message home: “Thank you, guys! Thank you to those who kept stalling, asking…”

But after all, how does the BBB X-ray work?


The X-Ray works like a diary, in which the brothers can express their feelings daily, in addition to sending messages to the public or their family. Furthermore, it must be performed first thing in the morning, after the wake-up call.

The dynamic time is also timed and displayed in the living room, so that participants can organize themselves. It is important to mention that with each elimination, time slows down and the brothers need to organize themselves so that no one is left out, before the timer is reset.

If this happens, the participant receives a “very serious punishment” and loses 500 stakes, as happened with the model.

The confined have a minute to talk about X-Ray . The remaining time must be administered in the confessional by each person to respond to the Queridometer and make requests, when necessary, such as: requesting medicine, specific items for personal use and even medical care.

At the beginning of the reality show, ex-BBB Vinicius even proposed an unusual idea to organize the X-ray queue.

Using the participants' slippers, the athlete made an order, without the need to stand and wait and avoiding possible confusion. Look:

Source: CNN Brasil

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