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What reforms does Spain need to face the recovery?

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The pensions, the labor market, public administrations… The Spanish economy has had several pending reforms for years and the coronavirus crisis has once again highlighted the need to address them as soon as possible. We spoke with the journalist from EL MUNDO, Daniel Viaña, about what these reforms are, where they are and if the recovery policy after Covid will finally be the opportunity to move them forward.

We also ask Santiago Carbó, Director of Financial Studies at Funcas, due to the scare that the markets have taken on account of the debt. Bond yields soared and stocks fell and the reason is to be found in inflation. What has happened? Is it something specific or will it go further? How will central banks react? What risks are there for companies and countries?

With these answers and with the cost of inequality in Spain -18.5% of GDP in 2019- we complete episode 15 of Las Cuenta Claras.

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