What relationship does the queen have with her only daughter, Princess Anne?

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For years it has been said that the Princess Anna was rude and snobbish, then it turns out that she is just very blunt. Rather: rude like his father, the beloved Philip of Edinburgh, who passed away last April. In fact, father and daughter have always been very close precisely because they are united by a similar character. But what relationship does Anna have with her mother queen Elizabeth II?

One of Anna’s first public appearances was from the balcony of the Royal Palace, on the occasion of theencouragement of the mother. He was two years old. It has since been said that the sovereign has put the British Crown before the family. Adjectives to describe Her Majesty in the role of mother have never been flattering: cold, distant, indifferent. But not everyone agrees.

For example a few years ago the queen’s cousin, Margaret Rhodes, she said: “One cannot imagine how important the family is to her. She always talks about her children and cares for them like all mothers do. All the criticisms that have been leveled at her, and which have deeply wounded her, arose because her being not very expansive was misinterpreted. They are not a hug and cuddle family, but they care about each other even if they don’t show it off. After all, the Queen was raised in the belief that you should never show your feelings publicly. ” Rhodes also recalled the times when Carlo e Anna they were still small and the Queen took them with her to Balmoral: “He got them to help him make the beds and to wash the dishes. She cooked dinner: they loved to eat sausages with potatoes. They were magical times, full of fun and love ».

To deny the image of a mother who prefers horses and dogs to her children, there has also thought about it Princess Anna: “I am convinced that none of us have ever thought, even for a second, that you do not she loved us like any other mother with her children“. According to the gossip coming from Buckingham Palace, for the queen, Anna’s only mistake was marrying her first husband, the captain Mark Phillips. From which he divorced in 1992 (then marry Timothy Laurence) becoming the first of the Windsor brothers to break up their marriage. A hard blow for mother Elizabeth II, before the most famous (and mediatic) separation between Carlo and Diana.

But those times are long gone. IS the two women are now very close. To unite them there are mainly horses, a passion that Anna inherited from her mother by becoming the first member of the royal family to compete in Olympic Games, in 1976 in Montreal. In the past Anna used to give fashion advice to her mother, and listen to her as she let off steam on the phone about the headaches she Carlo e Andrea they procured them with their own turbulent marriages. Today, after Andrea’s involvement in the Epstein affair, Elizabeth II increasingly relies on the royal princess. Because, as the royal expert Phil Dampier explained, unlike his younger brother “she is extremely discreet and is unable to take any false steps ».

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