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What the weather is like on the Nine was a successful bet for these reasons

When we found out that What's the weather like would have left Rai3 to move to Nove, the doubt that fell on our heads was the same as that of Discovery: Would the public have been able to make the effort to change the channel to continue watching their favorite programme? The answer was not certain, especially if we consider the granitic and somewhat parchment habits of certain spectators, and this is why it was a relief and a surprise to discover what we were hoping for in our hearts, namely that they are the aimed at captivating the public and to ensure advertising sales to the networks that host them and not the other way around. Discovery had a nose to take What's the weather like when Rai's intention to put him in a corner seemed certain and to give it new luster and, above all, new freedom. The trick was to keep everything intact: from the title to the formula, not to mention the broadcast day and the usual time. Viewers just had to change the channel, as the commercials have often joked about What's the weather like in the months preceding the debut, and so it actually happened.

Fabio Fazio and Luciana LittizzettoAlberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

Staying true to himself from start to finish and continuing to be the only Italian program to be able to afford international guests such as Zendaya and prominent political figures such as Ursula von der Leyenthe final season of What's the weather like it worked because he could once again count on the talent and skill of Fabio Fazio and on a very experienced team that continued to do its job with passion and without the risk of external pressure that came when the program was broadcast by Rai. Despite the small accident of social channels to be reconstructed – accident that the team of What's the weather like and Discovery has done a great job, working hard to regain the numbers that Rai did not want to give up to Fazio as it was expected to do – Fazio and company have managed to confirm a leadership that has skyrocket the ratings of Nove to the point of making the network compete with Rai1 and Canale 5. What's the weather likein the wake of the previous purchase of Maurizio Crozza, it effectively confirmed Discovery's intention to compete with the big boys because it has the means and resources to do so.

Fabio Fazio and Francesca Fagnani
Fabio Fazio and Francesca FagnaniTe-Co / ipa-agency.net

It is not a case that, after Fabio Fazio e Luciana Littizzetto, the second name to put in the bag was that of Amadeusstolen from Rai in a golden moment of his career, thanks to the success of his parents five Sanremo Festivals but also of its evening programs such as The usual unknown And Your business. This is where, if we think about it, the most insidious doubt lurks: What's the weather like it worked, we said, because it remained the same as always. Will Amadeus be able to conquer the Nine if he has a different program available to those he hosted on Rai1? The question remains, and would find strength from the risk that The usual unknown Don't follow him to Discovery. While waiting to discover his fate, we can only pay homage once again to the television miracle that he is What's the weather likemanaged to demonstrate not only that when there is commitment and dedication the public is receptive, but also that you have to know how to make television, and that Fazio has always demonstrated this.

Source: Vanity Fair

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