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What will be the role of music in “Joker: Delirium for Two”?

The trailer for “Joker: Delirium for Two” released this week, drew attention due to the scenes revealed and the song “What The World Needs Is Love” in the background, implying that music will play a significant role in the plot.

“We use music to compose ourselves. To alleviate our internal fractures”, says Arthur Fleck in the video.

Character scenes from Joaquin Phoenix It is Lady Gaga on a stage, under the spotlight, dancing or singing also attracted attention, giving a glimpse of what is to come.

Sites specializing in cinema, such as IMDb, classify the title as a musical. The director Todd Philips he even spoke about the subject at CinemaCon, in Las Vegas, shortly after the trailer was released.

“We never talk about it like that, but I like to say that it’s a film where music is an essential element,” he told EntertainmentWeekly.

According to the publication, he assured fans that the song “will make sense” when they watch the film and that “it doesn’t stray too far from the first film.”

“Arthur [Fleck] It's weird and aloof and all that stuff, but it's got music in it. He has a grace to him,” Phillips said. “That informed a lot of the dancing in the first film. It didn't seem like a big step here. It’s different, but I think it will make sense when you see it.”

Sources told Variety what “Joker: Delirium for Two” tends to be “primarily a jukebox musical,” meaning that it features popular songs such as “Moulin Rouge ” (2001) and “Mamma Mia!” (2008).

According to the publication, the production soundtrack will feature at least 15 reinterpretations of “very well-known” songs, but there is a possibility that one or two original songs will be in the final version of the film.

In the sequel film “Joker” (2018), Arthur Fleck meets Harley Quinn in prison and they begin to get involved. “Joker: Delirium for Two” hits Brazilian cinemas on October 3rd.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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