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Whateee?! He was accused of indecent exposure and attempted to enter the trial naked!

It is almost a rule of etiquette that when attending a trial, those involved and their lawyers appear dressed in formal suits. However, as it is not a written rule, anyone can arrive dressed in the best she has in her closet.

Although, in a peculiar case, a man appeared naked at a court located in Valencia, Spain. As expected, the subject was arrested and his story went viral on social networks not only because he arrived without any pledge before the authority, but because he was going to trial for indecent exposure. What a height of cynicism.

According to the Spanish newspaper The countrya man, named Alejandro, tried to enter his own trial naked, in which he was accused of indecent exposure in Valencia, Spain.

Due to the few clothes he wore (because he did wear socks and boots), Alejandro was arrested by three agents of the Spanish Civil Guard. Just as if it were a dangerous criminal, five more policemen joined his arrest, surrounded him and forced him to get dressed under the warning that if he did not, they would punish him… again and under more serious accusations, because there was a minor in the place.

The sanctions against Alejandro are for violating article 37 of the Gag Law, which punishes obscene exhibitionism when it is not a crime, that is, when it does not occur before minors. At the moment, we have won a sentence alleging the violation of their fundamental rights or the principle of legality, since many cities do not have an ordinance in this regard.

We do not believe that it is obscene to go down the street naked… We understand that going naked is to exercise ideological freedom.

– Palo Mora, Alejandro’s lawyer

It is worth mentioning that Alejandro filed a complaint, but it is said that the director of a school in Torrent will denounce him for passing “on purpose” naked in front of the school. It seems that in the end, Alejandro only has two options: spend his days between trials or wear clothes like the rest of the citizens.

Source: Okchicas

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