What’s going on between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick?

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We all know how annoying exes can be: they reappear when we thought we had left them behind, they are jealous * after they have ignored us for a very long time and prevent us from definitively moving forward with our life. For those who find themselves in this unpleasant situation there is a single point of reference: Kourtney Kardashian. The eldest of the sisters Kardashian, although she is very much in love and happily paired with Travis Barker, has to deal with the irritating attitudes of his longtime ex and father of his three children, Scott Disick, on a daily basis.

The two ended their relationship for good about a year ago. A few months after the farewell, Scott he had been photographed in the company of the model Amelia Gray Hamlin, 18 years younger, and sometime later also Kourtney had found love with Travis Barker, his longtime friend and neighbor for over 15 years. During the final reunion of Keeping Up with the Kardashian, Disick he said he was calm about this new situation with his ex, he even said he was happy to see her happy because in the company of a good guy, after seeing her suffer with Younes Bendjima: “During their relationship, I felt like killing him,” she said jokingly. But the other family members also added that no one was happy with that relationship because it was obviously bad for her.

Between the lines, however, Scott wanted to tell her, once again, that she is the great love of his life. But the reality TV star, as she admits herself, is no longer interested in being in a relationship with him due to her addiction issues and her difficulty staying sober for long. The situation seemed to have settled on these tracks until photos of Kourtney Kardashian in the company of Travis: the two were simply exchanging effusions on the boat in Italy. Scott has seen fit to send the shots, making fun of the couple, a Bendjima.

Too bad this conversation did not remain private because the boy decided to post the entire conversation on his stories Instagram triggering a great domino effect, as well as an absolutely embarrassing situation for all parties involved. Result? Amelia Hamlin did not like these comments and decided to leave Scott (rightly!), while Kourtney he would have reduced the opportunities to attend him to a minimum, reducing them to those strictly necessary for his children. As if that were not enough, on his website and channel Instagram, Poosh, published a post and an article, talking about her personal experience and giving advice on how to move on with her life after living a toxic relationship.

Great fool for Scott, ma come si dice? It’s karma, bitch!

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