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WhatsApp, from now on no excuses for “unread” messages

It has probably happened to many that they have lost sight of a message they have received or that they do not want to respond with the usual excuse of not having read it in time, but WhatsApp has introduced something new that makes this excuse less plausible. These days, in fact, the instant messaging app is rolling out the filters: a useful solution for recovering messages more quickly, relieving the user from having to scroll through the entire list of conversations in search of those not yet consulted.

How to use WhatsApp filters

No more excuses, from now on it will be more difficult to lose sight of unread messages since the new function allows the user to set 3 different filters which can be activated directly in the area above the chat list: by choosing the filter Allthe list of conversations is presented in a standard and complete manner in chronological order based on the last interaction with a specific contact by selecting Not read will be recovered only conversations waiting to be read or reply in addition to the messages you have marked as Unread and finally, the filter Groups allows you to organize group chat in one place also including community subgroups.

After the introduction of new options for formatting text and the green light for integration with other chats, WhatsApp has already started the release of filters which will gradually reach all users over the next few weeks: obviously, the advice to keep the app updated to the latest version remains valid so as not to miss the latest news.

Source: Vanity Fair

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