Whatsapp, here’s how to send messages without saving the number

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Yes it can be done. It can write someone about Whatsapp without necessarily having to save his number in the address book and then find it again when starting the conversation. You can use at least three systems (although there are many clones and emulators), one official WhatsApp – but a bit convoluted and certainly not comfortable – and two third-party ones. As usual, when you rely on apps and software unrelated to the platforms on which they in turn refer or with which they speak, you have to be very careful.

While waiting for WhatsApp, which will soon give the possibility to use multiple smartphones with a single account, to introduce some changes, we can rely on solutions such as Wa.me, WhatsDirect, Direct Chat on WA, WhatsApp Dialer and the like. Let’s see how they work.

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The first, Wa.meis in fact a system of universal links offered directly from Meta’s chat. They often use them business oi professionals when, on their social networks or sites, they integrate buttons to allow customers to contact them quickly on WhatsApp without, in fact, that they have to save the number and then proactively search for them in the address book. It is in fact a way to connect to an account and start chatting: if they are often already preset, they can also be created on the spot using the string https://wa.me/ where is it stands for a full telephone number in international format. Do not include parentheses, dashes, plus signs, and leading zeros when adding the number in international format. For example, you need to use https://wa.me/393123456789 and not https://wa.me/0039-(312)3456789.

Then there are third-party applications which essentially allow you to do the same job, bouncing the user on WhatsApp. WhatsDirectfor example, for Android, or Direct Chat on WA for iPhone. The principle is the same: from a rather simple starting screen and from which to choose different sending methods, you need to enter the telephone number you intend to contact including the area code and click on the button to start the conversation. At that point the app will open WhatsApp in turnalso attaching any content already inserted such as photos or videos which, however, does not make any sense to attach beforehand, since when you open the chat you will have the opportunity to do so. Farewell to the myriad of ghost contactsmaybe saved on the fly to be used only once.

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An even more basic and essential alternative is WhatsApp Dialer. You find yourself in front of the keypad of a phone and all you have to do is dial the number you want to chat with. The message can be entered before or after, it doesn’t matter. The + must be removed from the international prefix, which is always needed in all these cases.

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