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WhatsApp Huge Update: Communities, Emoji Reactions, and More Voice Call Participants

WhatsApp developers are preparing to introduce several new features to their messenger. They talked about the upcoming updates in the official blog.

Perhaps the main innovation of WhatsApp will be “Communities”. The new function, as conceived by the creators of the messenger, will make it easier for users to communicate in groups. It is reported that users will be able to unite individual groups into communities for more effective management. The function should be appreciated by educational institutions, interest clubs, non-profit organizations and, of course, business representatives.

Administrators will get powerful group management tools and will be able to broadcast messages to all community members. At the same time, WhatsApp guarantees end-to-end encryption of chats within communities. When the new feature will appear in WhatsApp, it is not reported.

But Communities isn’t the only new feature WhatsApp developers are currently testing. Also in the near future, users will be able to respond to interlocutor messages using emoji (following the example of Telegram). Group admins will be able to delete messages from all chats, the file sharing limit will be increased to 2 GB, and up to 32 users will soon be able to participate in voice calls.

Source: Trash Box

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