Whatsapp, you can leave a group without letting anyone know

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Soon leave a group Whatsapp it will no longer be notified to all members. In short, we will be able to leave in a discreet and quiet way, with theonly notification of the escape delivered to the administrators. Other users, unless informed by the latter or able to trace each component through the list of participants, may never find out.

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Screenshot: WABetaInfo

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He anticipates it WABetaInfo, the leaks and previews platform specializing in analyzing beta versions of Meta’s chat, which is worth mentioning is used by over two billion people worldwide. By analyzing the code of the upcoming releases, experts are often able to anticipate highly anticipated features lurking around the corner: this is what happened with those for audio messages or for reactions to single messages recently introduced. This time it would be the turn of a silent abandonment of the notorious groupsfrom which there is often even some fear of going out, especially when the participants are friends or relatives.

The functionality, as mentioned, is currently under development – also identified in the desktop version – and it is not known when it will be launched. Only the administrators will therefore be notified of the choice to leave the conversation. So as to save himself from tons of raises, replies, quotes, assorted good morning, controversy and discussions. A good way to avoid further waste of time and to try to protect the privacy of the participants a little better. When you leave a Whatsapp group, a confirmation window should appear explaining how “Only you and the admins will be notified that you are leaving the group“. It was time.

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