When Albert of Monaco was the “prince of seducers”

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The passed as a seducer from Alberto Munich is back to fill the gossip pages. Cause: the very rare public outburst of the prince against his former partner Nicole Coste, from which he had Alexandre, now eighteen. The lady months ago, interviewed by the weekly Paris Match, had described his son’s life as a fairytale worthy of the Brothers Grimm: a distant father, a stepmother (Charlene Wittstock) poisonous, and an eternal fate excluded from the line of succession. Alberto’s reply has just arrived from the pages of Point of view: “Your words shocked me. Frankly, I did not expect this incorrectness».

Nicole Coste and Albert of Monaco, who had met on a Paris-Nice flight on which she worked as a stewardess in 1997, They were tied for seven yearsalthough opposed by his father, Ranieri. But Alexandre is not the only child born out of wedlock for Albert of Monaco: in 1992, from a relationship with Californian waitress Tamara Rotolo, Jazmin Grace, 29, was born, whom the prince recognized in 2006 after a DNA test. It does not end here: Alberto could find himself with a illegitimate third heir, a fifteen-year-old daughter of a Brazilian woman who in recent months has initiated the request for recognition of paternity.

On the other hand, Grace Kelly’s son has always had a reputation as a Don Juan. Before 2011, when it led to the altar Charlene Wittstock from which she had twin twins Jacques e Gabriella, the chronicles had attributed an endless list of love and flirtation, even excellent ones. They are well 137 his conquests, true or presumed, listed over the years by newspapers around the world. Among the famous ones, Brooke Shields, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Kylie Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow, just to name a few. Stories of which there is not a shred of proof and which, however, have made rivers of ink spill.

Albert of Monaco and Claudia Schiffer

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

No wonder. Alberto he was 52 years old when he went to the altar with Charlene. Before that, it had been for decades the golden bachelor of royalty. His birth children but also the stories of many excellent exes testify that his love life before the wedding was very lively. Like the Italian Patrizia Pellegrino, who with the prince lived eight months of passion in 1985. Years later, the presenter called Alberto a “Wonderful lover”. And he declared that he had a good memory of him: that of a timid and kind prince who knew how to conquer her with sweetness.

Years later, between 1997 and 2000, Albert of Monaco is said to have had an affair with the Italian soubrette Simona Tagli. Rumors confirmed by the person concerned, who a couple of years ago in an interview with Come to me confirmed everything. With a hint of nostalgia: «I love fairy tales. I saw myself very well in the role of a princess, but it did not go that way, never mind».

After the Tagli, Alberto’s heart began to beat for the model of Playboy e Sports Illustrated Angela Kay Everhart. So it was the turn of the aristocratica Tasha de Vasconcelos, the woman who according to many was the closest to the Monegasque altar. In 2002, the prince frequented the pole vault Alicia Warlick. The two attended the Princess Grace Awards together and, it is said, arrived one step away from officially getting engaged. Among so many true and alleged loves, only one certainty remains: the only woman who was able to transform the golden bachelor Albert into a husband was Charlène.


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