When Cara Delevingne’s grandmother said to Prince Philip: “You will be a very good husband”


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Also Cara delevingne wanted to make tribute al Prince Philip. Posting a very rare vintage photo of him in his Instagram stories seventeen years old in Venice, during a holiday in Italy, together with Angela Delevingne, grandmother of the super model who died in 2015 at 102. To immortalize them, it was 1938, it was Cara’s grandfather, Edward, Angela’s husband from that same year. Also Poppy Cara’s sister Delevingne shared the same image (the two, of noble origins through the mother, descend from the Faudel-Phillips family of barons). Writing: “My cousin told that grandmother, after meeting Filippo, said:”One day he will be a great husband“. He was really right. “

At the time of the Italian vacation, Philip and the future Queen Elizabeth II they had already participated several times in the same events. Ma the first official meeting would take place the following year, when Lilibet, thirteen, accompanied her parents on a visit to Britain’s Royal Naval College where the Prince of Greece was a cadet. Good looking, very blond hair, tall and athletic, the eighteen year old Philip immediately stole the heart of the young princess. It was July 1939. From that moment they began a regular correspondence and met on several occasions, until their love was crowned with the royal wedding celebrated. on November 20, 1947.

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