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When Princess Anne convinced Charles to evict Harry and Meghan from Frogmore Cottage

«It was the Prince William» he said to himself when Charles III he made ad understand Harry And Meghan Markle who were no longer welcome at Frogmore Cottage, the residence that Queen Elizabeth gave to her nephew and the former actress on the occasion of their wedding, but now the gossip suggests another, unsuspected name, that of the princess Anna.

Excluding Camilla, Anna is the woman closest to King Charles ©Getty Images.

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The “pro” journalist Sussex points the finger at the king’s younger sister, the woman who is closest to him after his wife Camilla Omid Scobie, author of Endgame, yet another book on the British royal family coming out on November 28th. According to Paris Matchwho reported the indiscretion, the so-called Frogxit would have started from the royal princess, “at the forefront of supporters of a rigorous approach” towards Harry and Meghan, a real post-revenge Megxit. “You don’t want to see your grandchildren anymore?”Harry would have replied to the news of the evicted, and it seems that in the family only uncle Edoardo was really worried about the situation, indeed, he felt “uncomfortable”, as well as fearing for his nephew’s mental health, while William would have been “colder”. The kind of person who “he wants the job done and has had no problems with victims along the way.” The victim, in this case, is the brother, liquidated without too many pleasantries. Carlo, for his part, would have been more worried about his brother Andrea and the Epstein scandal than about his son, thus allowing himself to be persuaded to act against him.

Anna would have supported the hard line against the Sussexes ©Getty Images.

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Harry and Meghan finally received an official communication from Sir Michael John Stevens, the custodian of the Private Purse, i.e. all the sovereign’s private assets, with the request to return the keys to the cottage. Located in Windsor, Frogmore Cottage had undergone a major renovation to accommodate the Dukes of Sussex, who previously lived in a small apartment at Kensington Palace; we are talking about a figure that would be around three million dollars. In short, Harry’s reaction, who would have stayed, was more than understandable «shocked» from eviction.

According to Scobie, Carlo assured his son that his family would have a place to stay during their stays in London, but this was not the case. With the exception of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, Meghan and her children have no longer been to London and no one knows where Harry stayed during the quick visit for his father’s coronation and during the trips for the hearings against the tabloids that were held last spring. Today the prince would be looking for a house in London, although in disagreement with his wife: for Meghan the United Kingdom chapter is closed forever, for him clearly not.

Source: Vanity Fair

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