When they said to the future queen: “Don’t marry Philip, it makes too many gaffes”

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The queen Elizabeth II it was married to Prince Philip for more than seventy-three years. A bond broken last April only by death of the duke.

And to think that their union could never begin. It would have happened, if so then fourteen year old princess had listened to councilors of the Palace. As the royal biographer AN Wilson revealed, the courtiers, when they realized that the young Lilibet had lost her mind to the beautiful German prince, kept repeating: “Don’t marry Philip. He’s too witty. And it makes a lot of faux pas“. At court no one had any doubts: “Filippo is the wrong person for such a reserved and diligent girl».

Wrong, in hindsight, there was only the prophecy of the Buckingham officials. In spite of the hooligans, the royal wedding fu celebrato on November 20, 1947. Elizabeth, who was 21 at the time, never regretted it.

Despite Filippo’s gaffes and jokes (often beyond the limit of correctness). Over the years the prince has injected a series of biblical slips (sometimes hilarious) from which a book entitled The Duke of Hazard: the wit and wisdom of Prince Philip: one hundred pages that collect the flower of Filippo’s media “gaffe”, often politically incorrect. There are many immortals left. Like the shot during an official visit to a group of English students in China (“Don’t get almond-shaped eyes»), In a school for the deaf in Cardiff («I am not surprised that you are deaf, the factory next door makes an incredible noise “) or in Australia, when he asked the aborigines:”Are you still throwing spears?».

Yet the “diligent and reserved” Elizabeth never had any doubts. In 1947 he had made the right choice. Because Filippo, for all these years, has been “simply my strength”, as he wrote on Twitter after the death of his beloved husband.

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