Where are the projects that will decongest Attica

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By Eleni Bota

The major infrastructure projects that will decongest Attica are entering the implementation or completion phase, facilitating the movement of thousands of Athenians who spend several hours in traffic jams on the streets.

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One of the important projects of the wider region, the Skaramagka triple junction, is in the planning phase by the Ministry of Infrastructure, which will relieve traffic congestion on Schistos Avenue and Athens Avenue, while the upgrade of the uneven Skaramagka junction will greatly improve traffic in A national road that is daily affected by thousands of vehicles.

This project, which was started in 2000 and has not yet been completed, has a total budget of 55 million euros.

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With the construction of the triple interchange, there will be a new connection of the National Road with L. Schistos, the semi-opened Peripheral Egaleo will be completed, which will connect L. Schistos with Attiki Odos, the opened “ghost” tunnels will also be completed and operational at the turn to Skaramangas and finally a junction will be built that will directly connect the Skaramangas Shipyards with Athens Avenue.

The Kymi expansion project is also starting, with the recent selection of the TERNA – AKTOR – INTRAKAT scheme as the project’s temporary contractor.

The Kymi Avenue extension project, with a budget of 320 million euros (the section from Attiki Odos to the Uneven Junction of the National Highway, involves the study and construction of a road section of a closed motorway, with a total length of approximately 3.8 km (in 4, 2 km including the option).

The project will be carried out within the administrative boundaries of the Municipalities of Pefki and Lykovrysi of the Prefecture of Attica.

The extension of Kymi avenue to the national road is expected to decongest the network of the three above municipalities, to facilitate the access of many areas of the northern suburbs to the national road.

The extension of the western regional Ymitto towards Elliniko is also in the process of maturation, which will include an underground tunnel in Ilioupoli and new bridges on L. Vouliagmeni, with the studies of the project locked to be drawn up by Lamda Development.

The Ministry’s goal for Vouliagmenis Avenue is to “liberate” it from the traffic lights and turn it into a highway that will feed road arteries such as the urban tunnel, which will act as “connecting links” between the 3 rings of the capital.

According to the plans so far, the project envisages the construction of a tunnel a little more than 3 km long, with 3 lanes per traffic flow, without exits, which will start sinking at the height of Kaisariani and will end up connecting with Vouliagmenis Avenue at the height of border of Agios Dimitrios and Ilioupoli, a little south of the Metro station of Agios Dimitrios. The journey will take a few minutes when today, at rush hour, it takes over 30 minutes. It is a very important project that, in combination with the redevelopment in Elliniko, will change the map of the movements of the basin.

Finally, at the beginning of autumn, the extension of Metro Line 3 “Agia Marina-Piraeus” is expected to be delivered, which includes a 7.6 km long tunnel and 6 new modern stations (Agia Varvara, Korydallos, Nikaia, Maniatika, Piraeus and Municipal Theater) .

Already last summer, the first 3 stations Agia Varvara, Korydallos and Nikaia were handed over to the passenger public.

Source: Capital

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