Where do bartenders drink? With Adriana Pino, from Flora Bar, in São Paulo

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40 years of Adriana Pino, 15 are bar. In all this trajectory behind the counter, the bartender was crowned in 2018 the Brazilian World Class Champion, the biggest cocktail-making championship in the world.

The beginning, however, was not as prestigious as it is now. As she herself shares on her social networks, her start in the cocktail shop was just an extra, and friends and family weren’t proud to know about her work – which required her to stay until “late hours serving alcoholic beverages”.

Over time, Adriana deepened her knowledge of cocktail making and technique, making her fall even more in love with this world. Friends then became customers and customers became friends.

Today, she works as a consultant for bars, with clients throughout Brazil, such as strength, Uberlândia, Jordan Fields, in the state of Acre… The list is long. In São Paulo, acts as partner and head bartender of the newbie Flora Bar, in Jardins, and also has an events company focused on wedding bars.

In the city, your name is behind the letters of the Little, do HONEY e do I gave. Proving it doesn’t stop there, she recently launched a website with online sales of drink kits and gifts aimed at connoisseurs of good cocktails.

Outside the counters and her business, Adriana frequents must-see bars and shares her favorite addresses for a good drink in São Paulo:

Bar Mouth of Gold

It is one of the best known places to drink well in the city. Located in Pinheiros, the mouth of gold is famous for both people who work in the cocktail shop and for those who just enjoy a good drink.

In addition to Macunaíma, which I replicate in almost all of my menus and which includes cachaça, white fernet and lemon, I recommend ordering Lovers Rock. It is made with zacapa rum, Amaro lucano, dry vermouth and fernet.
Rua Cônego Eugênio Leite, 1121, Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP. Delivery via iFood e WhatsApp: (11) 4371-3933.

Healed Bar

Also in Pinheiros, near Vila Madalena, the Security cabin it does well among the good bars of São Paulo. Who is ahead of the creations of drinks is the partner and bartender Jean Ponce.

At the bar, I always order the classic Rabo de Galo, which is based on cachaça, or the Guarita Sal e Pepino, made with gin and passion fruit concentrate: it’s delicious and salt makes all the difference in the drink. Off the counter, it’s also worth trying the house bolovo.
Rua Simão Álvares, 952 – Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP. Telephone: (11) 3360-3651.

Guillotine Bar

O Guillotine was named the 15th best bar among the 50 best in the world in 2019 by the prestigious World’s 50 Best award. The counter has large pendant lamps, which add charm to the decor, and the numerous bottles of drinks are on shelves in front of a wall of exposed bricks.

To me the whole menu is amazing. From authorships to classics (there are more than 140 possibilities that we can ask for), everything is delicious and well done. My suggestion, and what I do, is to sit across from the bartender and let him choose the drinks for the night.
Rua Costa Carvalho, 84 – Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP . Tel: (11) 3031-0955.

Bar Bagaceira

Close to the Santa Cecília subway, the Bar Bagaceira it is also open during lunch and serves a la carte and executive dishes, which accompany the day´s starter. Snacks are also praised, such as pork bolovo – which is popular on the establishment’s social networks.

Among the cocktails, there are flavors of the day shakes, bar classics (such as Macunaíma and Rabo de Galo), and the most requested, such as Garibaldi, Caju Amigo, Café Negroni, in addition to the authoritative ones. My suggestion is to order the Americano Besta, made with Campari, a mix of vermouth and club soda.
Rua Frederico Abranches, 197 – Vila Buarque, São Paulo – SP


Finally, I indicate the Peak, bar that has a delicious drink menu and sensational Neapolitan pizzas. It is close to Praça Benedito Calixto, in Pinheiros, and, in addition to drinks and food, it brings together music and visual arts.

My tip is to try Geraldo Errado, a signature cocktail that includes sparkling cashew nuts, red vermouth, kaffir lemon leaf, campari and citrus peel. For me, there’s no mistake!
Rua Lisboa, 294 – Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP. Telephone: (11) 3081-0066 or WhatsApp: (11) 99307-7651. Delivery via phone, iFood e Rappi.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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