Where do chefs eat? With Matheus Buosi, from DoRo Gastronomia, in São Paulo

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As a teenager, the young chef Matheus Buosi he was already flirting with the kitchen: at his home, in the ABC region of São Paulo, there was always a certain joy in gathering family members and making bread and cakes.

Over the years, the artistic vein spoke louder. After joining the varsity theater team, he trained on stage, with a degree in theater.

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However, in that spirit, it didn’t take long for culinary skills to come knocking on his door again.

Today they are nine years ahead of the DoRo Gastronomy restaurant in partridges behind a discreet facade on Turiassu Street. The intimate house works with the concept of Italian cuisine and classic and contemporary recipes come from the chef’s hands.

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As he always liked the confectionery area, he decided to delve a little more into this world during the pandemic of Covid-19 and currently specializes in tall cakes.

In his free time, the chef also tries other flavors around the city. As DoRo is located in Perdizes, most of Matheus’ favorite addresses are in the neighborhood. Below, the chef shares his favorite restaurants in São Paulo:

Des Cucina

It’s our best competitor! I go to the Des Cucina when I want to enjoy good cuisine, as the dishes are designed there and deliver what they promise.

It is one of the few places that I notice that there is a care, an affection for food. From the house, I love the duck confit with fresh porcini risotto and caramelized fig (R$98).

Rua Desembargador do Vale, 233 – Perdizes, São Paulo – SP / Tel.: (11) 3872-0050 and (11) 98999-9490 (WhatsApp) / Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 12 pm to 3 pm and from 7 pm at 11:30 pm; Saturdays from 12:00 to 16:00 and from 19:00 to 23:30 and Sundays from 12:00 to 16:30; closed on mondays.


THE ofner it’s part of my routine. There I hold meetings and reflect on many work issues. It’s almost a retreat for me.

It is a place that has a wonderful coffee and a brioche of the gods. In addition, their fruit salad is very different, with a passion fruit reduction that makes all the difference.

I always end up choosing the traditional hot chocolate or even a chai, an Indian drink made with mate, milk and spices. And a brioche toast with a dollop of honey, please!

Consult addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours at site.

hamburger hobby

It’s more than 60 years of history making what I consider to be the best hamburger in the world. The chicken beirut (R$32 small; R$38 large) from Hobby it’s also a delight.

I also highlight the house mayonnaise, which is very tasty. The snacks are delicious, the team is family-friendly and the atmosphere is very authentic to a 1960s burger joint.

The house in Perdizes is always full, but I never get tired of going there. Every week I go at least four times to chat and create new projects.

Rua Cardoso de Almeida, 1393 – Perdizes, São Paulo – SP / Tel.: (11) 3862-2772; (11) 2592-5555; (11) 3673-0360 / Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 11 am to 00:30 am; Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 1 am.

Latte potty

When I want a good ice cream I go to potty. Needless to say, the chain gelattos are amazing and of great quality.

I am passionate about ice cream and having a Bacio store a block away is a daily temptation. But the “luck” is that it is also next to the gym that I work out!

Consult addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours at site.


I discovered this rare gem because I needed macarons to decorate some cakes and it was a great find, as it’s right up the street from the DoRo.

THE D’Macarons it serves a wonderful brunch (the complete one costs R$114), in addition to macarons (from R$6), which are a piece of porcelain. The window is always crammed with flavors that explode in your mouth. You can’t leave without buying at least four units!

The passion fruit with basil and the salted caramel are always on my list. There is so much love in each macaron and in each process. I’m a big fan of this impeccable work and of Daniela Diniz, who coordinates the production.

Rua Itapicuru, 551 – Perdizes, São Paulo – SP / Tel.: (11) 3596-3779 and (11) 94544-8456 / Opening hours: Monday from 11 am to 4 pm; Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm; closed on Sundays and holidays.

Source: CNN Brasil

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