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Where do chefs eat? With Sei Shiroma, from Ferro e Farinha and Stuzzi, in Rio de Janeiro

Where do chefs eat? With Sei Shiroma, from Ferro e Farinha and Stuzzi, in Rio de Janeiro

A few seconds of conversation with the chef I know Shiroma are enough to understand the New Yorker’s lifestyle in Brazil, specifically in the Rio de Janeiro . Here, he makes a point of going to the beach whenever possible during his daily workday between the houses scattered around the city.

Ten years ago, when he moved to Rio de Janeiro, Sei could not have imagined the turn his life would take. He arrived in 2013 and started conquering the city with a mobile pizza, prepared in a wood-fired oven, made of iron, attached to a type of wagon, which he designed and produced himself.

He studied how to make the best pasta and found the perfect recipe for the hot weather in Rio. This success story was told in a special article by CNN Travel & Gastronomy , click here to read.

In 10 years in Brazil, the New Yorker has made and told history through his brand, and lives a more carioca lifestyle, which begins the day at the beach and ends in gastronomy. Check out below where the chef likes to eat when he’s not opening his pizza dough and taking care of his ventures:


“A real Italian out of Italy”, is usually a lot of sauce and fresh pasta. Grado also always provides me with a lot of flavor, guided by the chef’s balance and technique. The decoration of the house conveys the Italian soul and you can feel the “amore” in every corner.

Grado: Visconde de Carandaí, 31 – Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro

Haru Sushi

If my New York friends want to eat quality sushi in a cool environment, my suggestion is always the Haru Sushi. Technique, fresh fish, pleasant atmosphere and impeccable pieces. The two options on the menu that I always suggest, and there’s no mistake, are: Haru Omakase or Haru Next Door, in the new lounge.

Haru Sushi: Raimundo Corrêa, 10 – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

Palace Steakhouse

My favorite steakhouse in town, I go there at least twice a month. There are always the same waiters, who receive me and know exactly how I want my garnish sequence. This, in today’s “high turnover” times, has a lot of value. An additional: the lamb ribs, the boiled mussels and the gratin crabs are impeccable!

Palace Steakhouse: Rua Rodolfo Dantas, 16 – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro


The best way to describe Stuzzi right now is: “O Bar do Sei”. On the menu, things that I myself like to eat when I’m having good drinks, in a super intimate setting on Dias Ferreira, in Leblon. A mix of Asian food, with Brazilian touches and cool drinks from Leo Agapi.

Stuzzi: Rua Dias Ferreira, 45 – Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

North Tacacá

In addition to the açaí, which in my opinion is the best in town, I also love the tacacá and crab there. I had the chance to get to know the north of Brazil and the flavors there impressed me. By the way, a restaurant like Tacacá do Norte would work really well in Brooklyn, New York.

Tacacá do Norte: Rua Barão do Flamengo 35 R – Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro

Source: CNN Brasil