Where is Kim Jong Un? Rumors about his health are raging again

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The leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un has not made a new public appearance in a month, feeding new rumors that he may be ill again.

The leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea was last seen on October 12 when he appeared in state media during coverage of a rocket attack in Pyongyang, the country’s capital.

“The United States has often stated that it is not hostile to our state, but there is no evidence to suggest that this is the case,” Kim said during the report.

At that time, Kim Jong Un seemed to have lost a significant amount of weight, resulting in many speculating about his health. South Korea’s spy agency later told the U.S. National Intelligence Service that Kim remained healthy despite losing 20 pounds, noting that his weight loss was most likely the result of his efforts to improve his physical condition, according to NBC News. .

Rumors of a heart attack, coma or that he is even dead

The North Korean leader has not appeared since the rocket attack, making him the longest absentee from public activity since 2014. However, satellite images show increased activity at his seaside home on North Korea’s east coast and at a beach mansion near Pyongyang. according to NK News.

Kim had taken eight public breaks since January this year. His absence during a national holiday in mid-April fueled rumors that he may be in a coma or die after a heart attack.

The rumors came back when he reappeared on April 30 on a first inspection visit around the Sunchon fertilizer plant. Footage released by Korea Central Television (KCTV) showed Kim driving an electric wheelchair around the property.

While the North Korean leader looked healthy, experts noticed a mark on his hand indicating that he may have had some kind of cardiovascular surgery. Some also commented that the use of the golf cart during the visit showed that it was not 100% healthy, according to ABC News Australia.

North Korea has not yet announced any political events in the coming weeks that would require the leader to be present. However, he is expected to make a public appearance on December 17 to commemorate the anniversary of his father’s death.

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