Where to eat in São Paulo with kids? 5 themed restaurants by Fred Sabbag

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school holidays: paradise for some (children) and a small source of trouble for others (parents), when it comes to the unbridled search for entertainment for their children.

In fact, not only on vacation this concern – father that I am – invades my mind. Weekends and holidays are also program planning days for the kids, and in my case, I always try to balance food and entertainment.

Although this is the second beginning of the year that we have to worry about a virus that seems to be far from disappearing, for now we can still organize programs and outings with the little ones (provided of course we are vaccinated and we respect the health rules that the moment requires ).

That’s why, in this first text of 2022, I dedicate myself to indicating some places that can serve as inspiration for parents like me so that the little ones have moments of joy in the family and at the table.

St. Lawrence Square

In a large and airy property in Vila Olímpia, the St. Lawrence Square It has a varied menu during the week and a hearty buffet on weekends.

For children, in addition to the kids menu, the garden with jabuticabeiras, imperial palm hearts and fig trees, in addition to a pond with carp and a tree house, is the highlight. On special dates, they offer monitoring for children.

Rua Casa do Ator, 608, Vila Olímpia, São Paulo – SP

Jurassic Park Burger Restaurant

Famous in the world of gastronomy and one of the forerunners in promoting restaurants in São Paulo on his Instagram profile, Fábio Moon, together with the Iron Studios, was responsible for the opening of what is the first themed hamburger restaurant in Jurassic Park outside Universal parks.

As detailed here in CNN Travel & Gastronomy, the place has a life-size T-Rex and several items that go back to the famous movie (which since its opening has motivated the dispute for a spot in the restaurant).

Rua Professor Atilio Innocenti, 53, Itaim Bibi, São Paulo – SP

Eat Asia + Hello Kitty

THE Eat Asia + Hello Kitty is a restaurant with a focus on Asian food and, as the name suggests, it has the theme of the character Hello Kitty. It is the first restaurant in Latin America inspired by the character.

In addition to the theme decoration, it is possible to purchase products such as caps, mugs, cups, bows and plush toys from Hello Kitty and also a party kit with cake, sweets and accessories.

Rua Thomaz Gonzaga, 61, Liberdade, São Paulo – SP

Orlando Magic Burger

A Orlando Magic Burger is another themed hamburger restaurant in São Paulo, but inspired by Disney characters. It is possible, during dinner, to meet Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Pluto, Beauty and the Beast, among others.

In addition to a pocket show, children can interact with the characters and take pictures to keep as a souvenir.

Avenida do Imperador, 4424, Itaquera, São Paulo – SP

Medieval tavern

A Medieval tavern takes customers to a trip to the Middle Ages, where it is possible to wear accessories such as crowns, viking helmets and sit at tables reminiscent of that time. There is even a replica Viking ship on site.

Despite being conceptually a hamburger, the menu includes other sandwiches, dishes and salad. For drinking, Nordic mead is a guaranteed presence, and it is even possible to taste several types of drink together on a tasting board.

The house has added a “medievality index” to every dish on the menu – a joke to let diners know just how medieval will be your experience in Taverna and to the requested dish. Indices ranging from 1 to 5 indicate ingredients that were little used at the time or that did not even exist, even those that were part of the daily lives of lords and ladies. Also part of the fixed schedule is rune sessions and music performances. medieval.

Rua Gandavo, 456, Vila Clementino, São Paulo – SP

Reference: CNN Brasil

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