Where to eat in the paradisiacal Caraíva, by Maria Eduarda Musa, from Musa Cooks

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Village by the sea in south coast of Bahia, Caraíva has gained the spotlight in recent years. It is not difficult to find in social networks clicks of lovers for trips between coconut trees and charming inns on the paradise beach.

very close to Trancoso, the community of the municipality of safe harbor located on the call Discovery Coast it houses, in addition to calm and irresistible waters, restaurants and bars with refined cuisine. An excellent destination to rest and get in touch with nature, Caraíva also offers a wide range of cuisines.

From regional seafood, pasta and even pizzas, the advertising and digital content creator Maria Eduarda Musa*, from the gastronomic blog Musa Cooks, spent the last season in Caraíva, where he enjoyed the most different dishes in the restaurants and bars of the attractive village.

Next, the gastronomy lover shares her valuable recommendations for where and what to eat in Caraíva. And before disembarking on the sands of the place, remember the expert’s tip: “Don’t expect luxury, just take flip-flops – everything is on the sand – and comfortable clothes. Go with an open heart because it is passionate and you eat very well”.


Boteco do Pará

On the banks of the Caraíva River, it is one of the most famous and sought-after restaurants in the village. The wooden tables under the leafy trees are pure charm. THE Boteco do Pará serves the famous pastel de arraia, which has a light, dry dough and a unique flavor filling.

There are also other options, such as the classic with cheese, cheese with tomato and shrimp with cheese. The success of the season was creamed corn, meat and canasta cheese. The dishes are also delicious, such as octopus rice, shrimp with herbs and banana farofinha. And don’t forget to try the stingray cone.

Open for lunch and dinner, it has become a hotspot in the region, especially in the late afternoon for its privileged view of the sunset. It’s a delicious place and the beer is cold.

Central Cuisine

I loved the Central Cuisine and recommend for a great lunch. Located in the center of the village, the restaurant specializes in seafood but has a varied menu: meat, fish and seafood, pasta and appetizers.

I ordered the parmigiana, which was huge and very good for being au gratin with mozzarella. Kudos also to the moqueca, the fish and the desserts. On Saturdays, there is an exquisite feijoada, which also comes with farofinha, cabbage, vinaigrette and orange.


THE Dêze It’s a beautiful place with great service. A shy little door reveals a sophisticated restaurant with white tones and wooden pieces. Commanded by the mining chef Yuri escobar alongside nutritionist Joanna Côrtes, the restaurant serves seasonal à la carte dishes and also two tasting menu options – with seven and four courses.

The tasting menu includes starters, main course and dessert. Leek gyoza with cashew nut cream and candied orange and VG shrimp in golden sauce and farofa, served with manioc leaves and pumpkin cream with ginger are some of the options on the current menu.

I also tried the oxtail, which was great. For those who are hungry, I recommend the full menu, as the dishes are not large. With a more sophisticated concept, it is important to note that the price is higher compared to other locations.


THE Odara is the current hotspot from Caraíva. The restaurant has a more sophisticated menu, and features signature cuisine using local ingredients. The atmosphere is also special, full of wooden details that contrast with the white walls.

Among the dishes, my highlight goes to the steak tartare, which is already famous in the house. I also suggest the mix of seafood and lamb. Everything was delicious. And be sure to try the drinks: they deserve the praise they receive and the variety goes well with the heat of Bahia.

The oven

At home works with artisanal pasta with long and natural fermentation. The pepperoni pizza (with fennel, onion, olives and oregano) and the Neapolitan pizza (with buffalo mozzarella, grana padano, basil and olives) were my favorites. They are very filling and delicious.

Tip: pay attention to the special pizzas, the single-batch ones created with inspiration from the chef. In addition to the round ones, the house also serves cornicciones, empanadas and focaccia. I ended up repeating the dose and went back to the restaurant more than once during my trip to Caraíva. A delight!

Bonus: Fast places

Esfiha Caraiva

THE Esfiha is a meeting point in Caraíva that serves snacks in addition to delicious esfihas, such as empadas, coxinhas and rolls. It’s a good point even for the post-ballad.


Bao, a steamed Chinese bun, became so famous at the Jacarandá restaurant, that the establishment decided to create its own business with just the food. At the Bao.hia, try the pork – very good – and the shrimp – which is divine.

Açaí da Vila

An açaí in the heat is always a great choice. THE Açaí da Vila it’s inside the Coco Brasil inn and it’s delicious, with several options. Great for the summer.

there family

THE There Family It is right in the center of Caraíva and is great for breakfast and snacks with crepiocas, cakes, açaí and the like. It’s a very nice and cool coffee bar.

*About Maria Eduarda Musa

In addition to having a degree in Advertising from FAPP and a postgraduate degree in Fashion from Instituto Marangoni in Milan, Maria Eduarda Musa is passionate about gastronomy and the art of receiving. Thus, since 2018 he has been creating content under the name of Musa Cooks, in his blog e Instagram. With humor and in a light way, he shares recipes, product tips, trips and restaurants around the world to his followers. Maria Eduarda often says that “cooking is indeed an art, but it is not necessary to be a chef to create good food and good memories”.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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