Which industries show the greatest shortage of jobs

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By Dimitris Katsaganis

A 5-year record of vacancies was recorded in September 2021. Specifically, according to ELSTAT data, in the third quarter of 2021, 15,125 vacancies were recorded.

It was in the first quarter of 2017 that a larger number of vacancies was recorded (18,666).

However, in the 9 months, in 2021, the 2nd lowest number of vacancies was recorded, at least since 2019, as they reached only 33,991.

Circles of employers’ organizations report to Capital.gr that among the sectors that have the most labor shortages are IT, retail, construction, shipyards and the mining sector.

The same sources note that there are shortages of technicians in salaried jobs and why many of them have chosen to work as freelancers, although this “road” is not without obstacles, due to the previous service needed and the bureaucratic procedures related to obtaining a license to practice.

Circles of the National Institute of Labor and Human Resources (EIEAD) report to Capital.gr, that they see the vacancies through the professions, for which the most recruitments are made, according to what the flows of paid employment reflected in the “Ergani” system show. ”.

Based on the overall picture that the same sources have in mind for 2021, the professions for which there is the greatest demand are the following:

1. Database professionals

2. Mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians

3. Software and application designers and analysts

4. Teaching staff in higher education institutions

5. Ship and aircraft inspectors and technicians

Operators of processing and finishing equipment for metal products

7. Carriers


9. Nurses

In relation to job vacancies, EIEAD circles note that this phenomenon is due to our country – especially in conditions where the unemployment rate is still relatively high compared to other EU countries – including the low wages offered by the market. in relation to the required qualifications, in the wide “safety net” on the part of the family, but also in the emergency situation that the economy went through (suspension of contracts, etc.).

The same sources note that there is a need to change the productive model by providing incentives in order to reduce job vacancies and, thus, unemployment. The problem is not the significant – in relation to other sectors – development of trade and tourism, but the large percentage – in relation to other countries – of medium or low skilled workers in these sectors and the low added value of these sectors.

Source From: Capital

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