White Flag Alert! He dug a hole in the beach for his pregnant wife to enjoy the sun

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When a man is truly in love, he is able to travel to the ends of the Earth to fulfill the cravings of his beloved, or to dig a hole in the beach so that he can lie down and sunbathe when he is pregnant.

A video recently went viral on networks in which you can see how a man does everything possible so that his pregnant wife can sunbathe and enjoy a delicious day at the beach, because that is what a man in love does .

He did everything he could to make his wife comfortable

Pregnant women have only two sleeping positions: semi-sitting or side, but this is a bit uncomfortable, especially when they are very pregnant. However, there are men who go out of their way to make their wives feel comfortable, like him, who noticed that his wife wanted to rest a bit while enjoying the sun.

For this reason, he found no better idea than to dig a hole in the sand, so that his wife could lie on her stomach and that in this way, her belly along with her baby would not be crushed.

Man digging a hole on the beach for his wife to lie on

The tender moment was captured by some visitors who were on the beach and when they saw how the man was acting, they did not hesitate to record it, because the man even calculated the diameter so that his wife could fit into it perfectly, then the two lay down and they sunbathed.

Some users highlighted the tender gesture of the man and also congratulated him for the tender way in which he showed his love because, without a doubt, he will do anything to pamper her and her baby always.

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