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White House accuses Republicans of spreading lies about Biden’s physical and mental health

“Cheap deepfakes”: The White House on Monday accused Republicans of spreading misinformation about President Joe Biden’s physical and mental health after a series of videos were released that reignited concerns about his age. During a press conference, White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre responded that these videos had been cut or tampered with. “It shows how desperate the Republicans are,” she said, referring to “cheap deepfakes.” In recent days, conservative media, mainly the New York Post, but also the official account of the Republican party, have posted on social media short videos showing a confused Biden. In one of them the 81-year-old Democrat appears completely disoriented during an event with paratroopers, which he attended with other leaders during last week’s G7 summit in Italy. Karine Jean-Pierre responded that the American president was simply removed from the group of leaders for […]
Source: News Beast

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