White House Alarm: Demonstrators in support of people who invaded the Capitol

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Full alert are in the last hours the security authorities in Washington in view of the demonstration in view of the demonstrators of the hundreds of people who invaded the Capitol, on January 6th.

In fact, the American authorities re-installed the 2.44 meter high fence that surrounded the complex for about 6 months after the attack. It is indicative that 100 members of the US National Guard are on foot while at the same time the security forces are checking the passengers arriving at the nearest Washington airport, in an attempt to prevent the possibility of violent incidents.

For their part, the organizers of the “Justice for January 6” march say that there will be a peaceful march. However, the commander of the US Police, speaking to reporters on Friday, stressed that “some threats of violence have been made”.

It is noted that even Republicans such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn distanced themselves from the demonstration. In fact, these are ardent supporters of former US President Donald Trump.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham also called on the authorities to show zero tolerance for incidents. However, the authorities appear determined to avoid similar images to those of January 6.

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