White House Considers Executive Action on Gun Control

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Following the unfortunate Colorado massacre and the shooting in Atlanta, the white house is now considering executive action on gun control. The shooting in Colorado that left 10 dead came less than a week after a shooter killed 8 people in spas in the state of Atlanta.

Biden Administration on Gun Control


President Joe Biden is a strong advocate of gun control, repeatedly calling for stricter gun laws to save lives. Better gun control policies had been one of Biden’s most commonly advocated promises during his election campaign.

The administration had already been pushing for Congress to pass legislation that could help control the presently prevalent gun violence. Their efforts have now increased after the recent incidents.  He has called for a banning of assualt weapons, stating that they should not wait around for another disaster to implement stricter gun laws.

Executive Action on Gun Control

During a press conference on Wednesday, the white house press secretary Jen Psaki stated that executive action was under consideration regarding the control of gun violence. These actions may include the requirement of background screening on the selling of arms called ‘ghost guns’. Self-assembled or handmade guns that currently have no tracking serial numbers are referred to as ghost guns. Placing the background check requirement on such arms could potentially lead to a decrease in the cases of gun violence in the country, according to officials.


Source CNN

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