Who are the new protagonists of Sex Education 3?

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I don’t know how you spent the weekend, but I have chosen to dedicate myself to the vision of the new season of Sex Education: I could not resist and in a couple of days I ground all the episodes. If you did like me, then you will have noticed that there are many new characters who have made the dynamics of Moordale Secondary even more interesting. It is worth finding out who lends their faces to these latest arrivals.


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Cal Comes from Minneapolis, is non-binary and has a strong and determined personality that fascinates Jackson and helps him understand what he wants from life and believe in his ideas. There is to interpret it Dua Saleh | which it shares with Cal their gender identity (identifies with the pronouns him / they): both had a very similar experience during the school period and this is reflected in his character. He is in his first role as an actor, but his great passion is music: he already has two EPs under his belt, Just e Rosetta, and is preparing to publish next in October.


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If the face of the new and fearsome headmaster of the Moordale is not new to you, you have an excellent memory: Church And Jessa from Girls. Period in which he cemented his friendship not another protagonist of the series, Lena Dunham, who has become one of his best friends. She is very private about her private life, but unlike hers Hope she is a women’s rights activist and has been involved in pro-choice campaigns and defending the right to abortion. She is also a painter: she has received numerous awards and organized in Usa various exhibitions with his paintings.


Most likely you did not recognize him because the blonde wig is missing, but the whole sport and healthy life brother of Michael Groff it is none other than Lucius Malfoy in the saga of Harry Potter. A small return to childhood for those who, like me, wondered for 50 minutes: “but where did I see him already?”. Obviously, Isaacs he has such a long career and curriculum that it would take an appendix on him alone. He starred in Armageddon, Resident Evil, West Wing, Star Treck, but the memory of Harry Potter definitely prevails over others.


The shy Layla, the other non-binary student of the Moordale, has the face of Robyn Holdaway. Class of 2000, just completed the acting school atUniversity of Surrey, was chosen to play Layla and, as a fan of the series, he could only be happier. Again there is a lot of personal to his character because too Robyn is non-binary and is identified with the pronouns him / they. The experience on the set gave him a great friendship with Dua Saleh |.


Just like his colleague Robyn, the role of Both arrived a few months after graduating from the Royal Central School of Speech and London Drama. With her character she has Nigerian origins in common. We will see him soon in another TV series, Sister Boniface Mysteries, in the role of Felix Livingstone.

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