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Who are the volunteer divers who help find people in the USA

Who are the volunteer divers who help find people in the USA

A body found submerged in a lake in California (USA) this week showed the work of a group that voluntarily carries out searches for missing persons. In total, 24 cases have been resolved by the Adventures with Purpose group.

The body found inside a car sunk in a lake may be teenager Kiely Rodni, a 16-year-old who was last seen nearly three weeks ago at a campsite in Northern California.

voluntary searches

The Adventures with Purpose group – in Portuguese, Aventuras com Propósito – has more than 2.5 million followers on YouTube, and brings together divers who are dedicated to finding missing people in the United States. On the channel, they share the search for the missing, show the technology used and share the hunt step by step with their followers.

Based in Bend, Oregon, the group uses sonar equipment to help solve cases. They claim to have solved 23 cases since the project was launched two years ago, in addition to the case of the body found this week.

“Adventures With Purpose [AWP] is an underwater search and recovery dive team dedicated to helping families of missing loved ones free of charge, and with their support, 23 missing persons cases have been resolved since 2019.” on your page.

To maintain the work on a voluntary basis, they rely on donations from people and seek funds through the sale of items such as t-shirts and caps.

“We do not charge families to help them locate their lost loved ones,” the AWP adds on its page.

The corpse found in the lake was upside down about 15 feet below the surface of the lake, which has receded about three feet since the teenager disappeared, according to Captain Sam Brown, sheriff of Nevada County, state. which borders California.

Despite police pointing out that there is evidence that the body found by volunteers is teenager Kiely Rodni, Nevada County Sheriff Shannan Moon said the case is still open and the victim has not yet been identified until completion. of that text.

Source: CNN Brasil



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