Who is Aka7Even, competing at Ariston with Perfetta So

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Qhen, in the specials that accompany each edition of Friendshe was asked to describe himself, Aka7Even he replied with a few adjectives: «Unique, black, variable», in a formula born well before fame. Music, Luca Marzano, four brothers and a life lived in the province of Naples, said he discovered it as a child. In part, it was his father who passed on the passion to him. In part, it was one of the hardest experiences a family can have. He was seven Aka7Even when he was hospitalized. Seizures caused by a virus that reached the cerebellum, seven days in a coma. Then, once healed, the epiphany: he would make music, and that seven, together with the feeling of having been endowed with as many lives, like cats, would take it with him. In the soul, before in the art.

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In 2017, Luca Marzano chose his first name to present himself at the auditions of X Factor. She had a piano and, on her lips, a cover of Bruno Mars. Applause followed his performance, but the warmth of the audience was not enough to secure him a place in the race. Marzano was eliminated at the Bootcamps and three years had to pass before Marzano, with the name of Aka7Even, showed up at Friends. In between, there was music. A first engagement with a record company, the publication of some singles. In 2019, an album, Chiaroscuro. Aka7Even began to mix genres and sounds. Then, thanks to the program of Maria De Filippi, he made the leap. Songs like Coco And Loca they went into radio rotation, they conquered Spotify. They paved the way for a career which, in the first week of February, is crowned by a participation in Sanremo and a song, Perfect Sowhich is (also) a hymn to the beauty inherent in individuality, to the grace of those who know how to accept themselves, aware of how the search for perfection is nothing but a chimera.

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