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Who is at risk of losing their insurance capacity

Of Dimitris Katsaganis

Unemployed people who do not settle their overdue debts to the funds are in danger of being left without medical care from June 1.

On May 31, the universal extension of the insurance capacity given by the Ministry of Labor from March 1, 2022, which covered the professionals, the self-employed and farmers, who have unsettled overdue debts, expires.

In fact, e-EFKA circles refer to Capital.gr that no extension will be given in relation to the above deadline.

It is reminded that the Minister. Labor has given debtors the opportunity to pay only the health contributions (in favor of EOPYY) for 2021, in order to acquire insurance capacity by the end of February 2023.

The deadline for this arrangement does not expire on May 31, but on December 31, 2022. However, the insurance coverage will be valid until the end of February, even if one borrower pays all the 2021 health contributions at the end of December.

At the same time, each debtor has, at any time, the possibility of including all debts (ie not only to EOPYY in 2021, but also to e-EFKA for any period) in the “permanent arrangement” of 12 installments and thus will receive immediately insurance capacity (since of course he also pays his current contributions). However, non-compliance with the 12-installment regulation will deprive him of his insurance capacity.

The same sources state that out of the 700,000 self-employed debtors, close to 250,000 -300,000 are not expected to join the emergency arrangement (ie the payment of only the health contributions of 2021, in order to have insurance capacity until February 2022) as they are strategic defaulters. .

Of the remaining 400,000, close to 150,000 have already paid health contributions, so an estimated 250,000 could be included in the emergency health contribution arrangement.

In more detail, as e-EFKA has clarified, from June 1, they will continue to have insurance capacity:

-All the self-employed who do not have debts to KEAO.

-All the self-employed who, despite having debts, have settled them.

From 1 June 2022 those who are self-employed who find that they do not have insurance capacity despite the fact that they have repaid the minimum contributions on time, can submit a request electronically – without the need to go to a branch – on the e-EFKA website (www .efka.gov.gr) on the platform: “Checking the insurance capacity of Non-Employees”, https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/elegchos-asphalistikes-ikanotetas-me-misthoton and be attributed to them immediately, provided they meet the conditions.

The required amount corresponding to the annual contribution for benefits in kind and in cash according to the insurance category they had chosen for the year 2021 results from the sum of the monthly health sector contributions for the year 2021.

For example, an insured self-employed person or self-employed for the whole year 2021 in the 1st insurance category must have paid or will pay the amount of 12X 55 = 660 euros.

Even an insured farmer for the whole year 2021 in the 1st insurance category must have paid or will pay the amount of 12 X 32 = 384 euros.

With the exception of new entrants to e-EFKA insurance, self-employed or self-employed e.g. from the month of November 2021 who have not paid the required insurance contributions and were not entitled to insurance capacity from 01/03/2022 will have to pay the health sector only of the year 2021 (November and December 2021).

It is pointed out that this provision provides for the payment of the amount corresponding to the contributions of the health sector in the year 2021 of each self-employed insured and not the payment of the contributions in the year 2021.

As an amount paid (within 2021 or within 2022), against the contributions corresponding to the annual contribution for benefits in kind and in cash for the year 2021, the following are taken into account:

– The paid monthly contributions (total monthly contribution) for the year 2021 and year

2022 with any repayment date and

– Any credit balance (with participation in repayment)

Insured persons who come to the Local Offices of e-EFKA in order to be informed about the amount they have to pay in order to meet the conditions for extension of the insurance capacity from 1/6/2022, will be informed by them about the resulting difference (required amount – contributions paid ) and for its payment with the code of payment of current contributions (RF from 1/1/2020).

For example, insured self-employed or self-employed for the whole year 2021 in the 1st insurance category:

– has paid the January 2021 contributions (monthly contribution amount 220 euros)

– has paid the contributions of February 2022 (amount of monthly contribution 220 euros)

– has a credit balance of 150 euros

Therefore, the total contributions paid are 590 euros.

Considering that the required amount of health sector contributions for the year 2021 for the insured is 660 euros, for the granting of extension of insurance capacity from 1 June 2022 – 28 February 2023, he must pay 70 euros (difference 660 euros – 590 euros) with the Valid contribution code (RF) from 1 January 2020.

In case no contribution has been paid 2021 or 2022 the amount to be paid with the current contribution payment code (RF) from 1 January 2020 is 660 euros.

Upon confirmation of the payment of the above amount, the competent services can immediately, before the automated monthly procedure, grant an extension of the insurance capacity.

The competent Revenue Department to which the insured of the OAEE belongs based on his professional headquarters and the insured of the EBRD and the OGA based on his place of residence will issue an official note to the Registry Department that the conditions for granting insurance capacity are met.

In particular, in cases where there is parallel employment or inclusion in the provisions for the “blocks” within 2021, the amount paid is taken:

– the amount of self-employed contribution covered by the contribution of employment or inclusion in the provisions for “blocks”

the payment of installments for the settlement of contributions 2021 (after its completion) and

– any credit balances.

It is pointed out that the above employees who meet the conditions (2 months of insurance – 50 salaries) have already been granted insurance capacity.

According to the current legislation for the granting of insurance capacity in case of debt settlement, the insurance capacity will be granted per month.

For those registered from January 1, 2022 onwards, insurance capacity will be granted after completing two months from the date of registration and until the end of the insurance year, provided they pay the required 2-month insurance contributions for the current year.

Source: Capital

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