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Who is Gabby Petito, the influencer who disappeared on vacation. The boyfriend is looking for

The tragic epilogue of the story of Gabby Petito arrived on Sunday, September 19, when police found human remains in a Wyoming park. They are compatible, reports the FBI, with what is known about the 22-year-old influencer of whom there has been no news since the end of August. An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday, which should definitively clarify the identity of the victim and also the causes of death.

The girl was traveling with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, a journey all documented on social media.

Gabby Petito’s main activity was in fact that of influence. The blond hair, the always smiling face in the images. It was supposed to be a journey through the western states of the USA, which started last June and had already touched some natural parks. The girl and her boyfriend were traveling in a white van. Gabby’s last post dates back to August 26th. Brian returned to his Florida home on September 1 without her, but with the van they shared, and now she is untraceable. The girl’s family reported her missing on 9/11.

The Spread Creek Campsite area is now closed to the public. Local authorities investigate everything about the girl and her boyfriend. They’re looking for anyone who saw Gabby, Laundrie, or their vehicle in the days of the disappearance. The campsite of the Wyoming it was found thanks to a guy who was editing a video shot in the national park. It was he who noticed that in the background the white van with which the boyfriends went around the parks could be seen, posting with the hashtag #vanlife.

According to the police, he maintained regular contact with his family during the trip, until the abrupt break at the end of August. The last contact on Facetime with his mother dates back to August 24: he told her he was leaving Utah for Wyoming. In the following days there were messages. The latest on August 30: “No service in Yosemite”. For the family, the latter was not sent to her.

Police had met the couple in Moab, in Utah, on 12 August. The agents’ report says they were arguing even though both said they were in love, engaged and close to marriage and did not want any crime reported. The report reads that the couple were advised to split up for the night. Gabby Petito in particular has been described as emotionally shaken. “After evaluating the circumstances of the altercation, I didn’t believe the situation identified itself as Domestic violenceWrote agent Daniel Robbins.

Research is now focused on fiancé who refused to answer questions about her and has disappeared since Tuesday, September 14th. “Brian refuses to tell us where he last saw Gabby, or to explain why he left her alone in the RV,” said the girl’s family from New York. They are looking for it in a natural area of ​​Florida also with drones and molecular dogs. He is not currently wanted for a crime, but as a person of interest in the investigation.

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