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Who is Hugo, Guilherme’s duo, identified as Maiara’s affair

The buzz surrounding the possible relationship between Maiara Maraisa’s duo, and Hugo Guilherme’s duo, increased after their appearance at Neymar Jr’s charity auction last Monday (3).

At the event, the two duos’ show was sold for a sum of R$ 1.5 million. Their partnership dates back to Hugo & Guilherme’s first DVD, recorded in 2016, when they released the song “Imagina” together.

Who is Hugo?

Spártaco Luiz Neves Vezzani was born in the city of Morrinhos, in Goiás, in 1991. The artist inherited his name from his father — who is also called Spártaco.

His first duo was formed when he was between 12 and 13 years old, with no professional ambitions, with Victor Hugo — who is now part of VH & Alexandre. The boys recorded a song in 2005 in the city of Itumbiara, in Goiás, in the studio that their friend’s brothers had.

In 2009, he participated in another group — Spártaco & Thiago — together with the nephew of a friend who is now his lawyer. The duo performed in bars while the singer sold his compositions as a way to earn income from music.

Spártaco received an invitation from businessman Marcos Carlesse to manage his duo, when Hugo Pena & Gabriel — who were represented by the producer — broke the partnership.

Gabriel called his friend to join a new pair, forming Hugo & Gabriel — when Spártaco adopted the stage name he currently uses. However, the duo only lasted two years and, after the breakup, Spártaco decided to pursue a solo career.

Years later, in 2015, he met Guilherme, an agronomy student who witnessed the singer’s show at a music venue whose owner was his friend. At the end of the performance, in a viola circle, the two sang together and the duo’s story began.

The singers were sponsored by Henrique & Juliano, musicians who helped them record their first audiovisual project, in 2016, which featured Maiara & Maraísa. They are currently promoting the project “062”, which had hits such as “Vazou na Braquiara” and “Morena de Goiânia” — the latter featuring the duo from Hugo’s possible affair.

Source: CNN Brasil

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