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Who is Lamine Yamal, the new star of football?

There is a law in Germany that prohibits him from being on the pitch. after 11pm. A regulation on the work of minors according to which, by that time, he must have completed all activities related to the match, including the shower. Even before the fateful midnight of Cinderella. No, the ball does not turn into a pumpkin, yet the magic of Yamal sheets It starts right from the boots, with which he enchants the fans and on which he is written his story.

In fact, the flag of the Spainwhere he was born and raised, then that of the Equatorial Guineathe birthplace of mother Ebana, and that of the Moroccoa tribute to the land of his father Mounir. His parents, in fact, are migrated to Europe many years ago in search of fortune and stopped at Barcelona. Or rather, to Rock-found30 kilometers from the Catalan metropolis, a difficult neighborhood but one to which Lamine is very close.

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So much so that I mimic the latest ones three digit postal code every time he scores a goal: 304. His story begins there, from Matarò neighborhoodwhere his smiling portrait lights up the family bakery. A story of precocious talent, of records, of eyes on him, which in a Tuesday in July has officially inaugurated a new chapter. A new page for him, but also for football, which has raised the curtain on phenomenon of tomorrow.

Together with Calvè, the famous brand of the multinational Unilever and Official BBQ Partner of UEFA Euro 2024we went to Munich for the semi-final between Spain And France and we witnessed the feat of the 16 year old gem (he will be 17 in a few days). Product of the nursery of Barcelonahe was already the youngest footballer to have made his debut with the Blaugrana and with the Nationalhe is now also the youngest to score in a European Championship.

A shot of Yamal during the semi-final of EURO 2024, where Calvé is the Official BBQ Partner. After all, the iconic brand, through an Ipsos research, has told how the barbecue has brought humanity together around the fire since the dawn of time

Marco Iacobucci/IPA Sport / ipa-agency.net

If we also consider the World Cupit even beats Pelewho was the only one in history to have scored a goal in a big international tournament not yet of age. On the other hand, Lamine is used to being associated with legends: when he was just 6 months old, chance would have it that he was selected – together with his parents of course – for a UNICEF campaign promoted by the Barcelona players, with attached photo calendar.

Shots that, in the last few days, have been dusted off from the archives, becoming immediately viral. The reason? To take care of the baby, intent on taking a bath, there is a smiling Lionel Messi, at the time twenty years old and not yet consecrated, with towel and duck. An image with contours prophetic because it immortalizes the one who in a few years would be became the strongest of all, marking an era, and the one who perhaps will collect the legacy.

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The conditional remains a must, of course. But there trajectory that he drew before our eyes seems a comet star that warns everyone that the moment has come. Dribbling with the right and left-handed inside turn which finds its way into the top corner, pushing Spain to the the final of the tournament. It is the get involved, to use Calvè’s own claim at the European Championships, without awe inspiringi: faithful to the roots, but already thinking about what will be.

A goal from the future.

Source: Vanity Fair

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