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Who is Pipo Marques, singer who began romance with Mari Gonzalez

Pipo Marques 29, began his romance with Mari Gonzalez 30, after the couple appeared together in photos during a trip to Europe, accompanied by the singer’s brother and sister-in-law.

Youngest son of Bell Marques former leader of the band Chiclete com Banana, the boy forms a musical duo with his brother Rafa Marques — being responsible for songs such as “Dedições Errada”, “Minha Preta” and “Verão”.

The artist’s last relationship was with a dermatologist Laíse Leal with whom he came out in September 2020. The two stayed together for almost a year, until the woman disappeared from Pipo’s social media.

Before that, the artist had already been involved with names such as Barbara Evans , Nicole Bahls It is Gabi Martins . In an interview with Quem Magazine, Bell Marques’ son revealed that he already knew Mari Gonzalez since the presenter lived in Salvador. However, they only started getting closer in the last few months.

Still in the interview, Pipo Marques stated that the two are not worried about labeling the relationship: “We are enjoying each other, living incredible moments together and only concerned about making the most of each phase of the relationship”, he told the magazine.

Source: CNN Brasil

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