Who is the Dutch journalist who verbally attacked the Prime Minister?

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Tensions erupted during today’s press conference of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte at the Maximos PalaceDutch journalist wearing a large red hat attacked the Greek Prime Minister with harsh expressions, claiming that our country is carrying out pushback (repulsion-repulsion) against immigrants.

“Why don’t you tell the truth? “Sanctions should be imposed for human rights violations in Greece and the Netherlands,” the journalist claimed. «Stop lying, do not insult our intelligence. I understand that in the Netherlands journalists ask straight questions and I respect that, but I do not accept to insult me ​​or the Greeks with accusations and expressions that are not supported by evidence, “when this country has faced an unprecedented crisis and has saved thousands of people,” the prime minister replied. outraged when she started shouting that none of this was true. “You will not come to this building and insult me. I answer you and do not interrupt me “Mr. Mitsotakis told her at one point, emphasizing that in the camp of Samos (which the reporter claimed to have gone) the conditions are quite good for the refugees and the immigrants. “This is our policy, we support it and we will not accept any insult,” the prime minister concluded.

But who is the Dutch journalist who drove Mr. Mitsotakis out of his mind?

According to his information Newsbeast This is the 61-year-old Ingeborg Beugel, who lives in our country, and especially in Hydra for about 40 years. She was arrested by Greek authorities in June for hosting a 23-year-old Afghan who had applied for asylum.. She works as a correspondent for several Dutch media outlets and according to a Guardian article, is accused of facilitating the illegal residence of a foreigner in the country. “Some angry residents called the police, saying I had a ‘suspicious’ relationship with an illegal immigrant in my house,” he said at the time, adding that “the authorities detained me at the police station as if I were some kind of dangerous terrorist. “They did not even let me go home to get my pills and deodorant. It was no secret that he stayed with me, I take care of him and I pay his lawyer.”

In fact, according to her Twitter account, before the press conference of the prime ministers started today at the Maximos Palace, she had posted: “Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte will appear shortly. Both are co-responsible for the repression and horror of refugees. I have the right to ask ONE question: WHAT QUESTION DO YOU WANT ME TO ASK THEM? PLEASE GIVE IDEAS! “

Photo source: Facebook / Twitter Ingeborg Beugel

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