Who Joe Biden will lead the United States with


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Joe Biden, who won 81.3 million votes on November 3 (51.3% of the votes cast), was elected on December 14 by the American voters and is to be inaugurated on January 20 as President of the United States . He has announced the names of those he has appointed to major government posts and who must be confirmed by the Senate. What can we learn from it?

First, the conspicuous concern to express the diversity of American society as befits a Democratic Party which owes its success, in large part, to the support of women, young people and minorities. A Frenchman would happily joke about the somewhat systematic nature of a recruitment aimed at representing all categories of the population. So, at this stage, there are many women, a gay, African Americans, Latin Americans, an Amerindian, two Indo-Americans… It is the rainbow administration.

Then, they are often former members of the Obama administration, which gives them a double certificate of centrism and competence. The Secretary of State and the Secretary of Homeland Security were number two in their department four years ago; the Secretary of the Treasury, the President of the Central Bank; the Secretary of Defense, an army general; the special climate envoy, the secretary of state; most of the appointments are to match.

Which raises two questions: on the one hand, the reaction of the left wing of the party, which showed that it was on the rise during the primaries and cannot be identified by these names and, on the other hand , the ability of this team not only to make Obama III but to innovate in the face of the crisis in American society revealed by the election of Trump in 2016 and its good results in 2020. Here are some of its main figures.

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