Why A Former Flight Attendant Doesn’t Drink Coffee On The Plane – The Five Things She Never Does

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Tips about what people should watch out for when flying with me airplane gives an ex air hostess which even went viral in this way on TikTok. Kat Kamalani uploaded a video in which she gives five tips on what those who travel by plane should pay attention to.

Kat worked as a flight attendant for six years and now, through TikTok, she’s making travelers… smarter.

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The first thing he urges people to do is to board the plane with always some snacks with them. “You never know what can happen,” says Kamalani.

It also reveals that never drinks hot water, which means you should avoid drinking coffee and tea. “The reason I avoid these drinks is because tUtensils are never cleaned. It’s disgusting” says.

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“The kettles are cleaned between flights but the coffee machines are never cleaned and they are… next to the toilets” and convinces us to never drink coffee on a plane again!

The words of the former flight attendant are also confirmed by a study by the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center of the City University of New York, about water on airplanes. The research, as reported by Daily Mailfound that seven out of ten airlines do not have good quality water and recommended that those traveling by air only drink liquids from sealed bottles during flights.

However, an airline maintenance worker blasted the flight attendant for saying all this to gain views. “Just because you don’t clean them doesn’t mean they aren’t cleaned, we do,” he says.

The third thing on Kat’s list is perhaps the most obvious, with the former flight attendant exhorting passengers “to always obey the instructions of the crew”.

It also explains that always looking for hotels, different airports and flights every time she goes on a trip “just in case something happens” and needs to find another way to get home.

Her last tip is na don’t ever “reveal too much personal information to someone sitting next to you asking about your life” when you travel.

Kat Kamalini also uploads other things about her life, diet and tips for good health. However, it is her travel videos that go viral and garner the most comments.

In her air travel tips video, Kat urged other flight crew members to add their own tips to the list.

I always bring my own blanket – it’s freezing in there” commented one woman, “I always have my toothbrush and toothpaste in my hand luggage, as well as face and sensitive area wipes” said another. Others have mentioned that they like to pack a change of clothes and underwear in their carry-on luggage.

“I always get food from a restaurant and eat it when I get on the plane. I see that everyone is looking at me or approaching me because my food smells,” wrote a third person, while finally someone mentioned that they shudder when they see people walking on the plane barefoot!

Source: News Beast

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