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Why Austria announced a lockdown for everyone – Vaccination rate and cases

Austria today became the first country of the European Union, which announced that from Monday imposes total, national lockdown and make vaccination of the population mandatory from 1 February. Measures are being taken to address the resurgence of the Covid epidemic.

At a press conference in Tyrol, after talks with all the governors of the Austrian regions, Austrian Chancellor Alexander Salenberg stressed: “We must look reality in the eye.”

“Despite months of persuasion, we have not been able to persuade enough people to be vaccinated.”, he said, criticizing the oversaturation of the Intensive Care Units in the country’s hospitals.

“The increase of his percentage vaccination “It’s the only way out of the vicious circle,” said Alexander Salenberg, adding that the vaccine was the “ticket out” of the pandemic.

The Austrian Chancellor clarified that the lockdown will last a maximum of 20 days.

In Europe, the pandemic is re-igniting and many countries, such as Sweden, Germany and Greece, have announced tightening restrictions in recent days.

Unprecedented levels of coronavirus cases in Austria

Citizens with masks at a Christmas market in Vienna

As of last Monday already at Austria the two million of unvaccinated they were no longer allowed to leave their homes except for shopping, sports or medical care.

From now on, the lockdown measure is applied in the total population of 8.9 million inhabitants, where the vaccination rate is 66%, according to AFP (to 63.9% on 17/11, according to the Politico count), despite the introduction of the vaccination certificate from the spring.

The restrictive measures that were implemented a few days ago caused an increase in the number of appointments for vaccination measures, as broadcast by international agencies and relayed by the Athens News Agency.

However, the number of cases continues to rise and is at levels unprecedented since the beginning of the epidemic: yesterday Austria recorded 15,000 cases of the virus in the last 24 hours.

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