Why Harry and Meghan can’t miss Charles’s coronation

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Less than two months until the coronation of Charles III, but more than the new sovereign and his most important day, awaited, in fact, for the whole of his life, it is the presence of the prince Harry and of Meghan Markle, that they have not yet responded to the invitation, which arrived (according to them) via e-mail. If he hadn’t arrived, he would certainly have fueled new controversies, which the royal family doesn’t need at all, now it’s up to the Sussexes to decide, with all the consequences of the case: the absence would put them in a bad light (and in the polls their appreciation in the United Kingdom is in free fall after the exit of Shoot) being there would open a glimmer of peace.

There is also something else at stake, however, and it is no small matter, as the journalist pointed out Robert Hardman, that a Page Six he underlined the importance it would have for the Sussexes to put aside disagreements. «It’s not our show, it’s his», she said referring to Carlo, «We are here out of respect for a beautiful thing to do». In short, family problems should not get the better of such an important event and could be addressed at another time. “The coronation is a family event as well as a state event and you would expect the whole family to be there.” There is, moreover, a precedent. On the occasion of Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, the Sussexes were discreet, indeed no one really noticed them, and on May 6 they could follow the same line.

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There is someone else, however, who would be against their presence in Westminster Abbey. Second Radar Online, the queen consort Camilla would not welcome the return of the one who defined her, in no uncertain terms, “evil stepmother”. The most hated former woman in England would be rowing against her prince, guilty of accusing her of having taken the place of her mother, but also of having undeniably contributed to her marital unhappiness.

Harry, beyond everything, could really be there, while more perhaps it would be the presence of Meghan Markle. Son Archie’s birthday excusehowever, this time it would not hold up: it is true that the child, who became a prince after his grandfather’s accession to the throne, will turn 3 on May 6, the day of his coronation, but it is also true that his sister Lilibet Diana turned off her first candle in London during the Jubilee of great-grandmother Elizabeth, so the party could easily be repeated.

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THE dukes of Sussex “there will be”, meanwhile ensure the Daily Mail, and in the Palazzo everything would already be ready to welcome them, even in practical terms, from seats in the church to meals. Everything, on closer inspection, would seem easily surmountable, except for the disagreements between Harry and his older brother William. The two have not spoken for months and after the publication of Shoot the situation has precipitated. This, in the end, remains the saddest thing after a life side by side, in apparent and total harmony.

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