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Why Israel hit Iran and Hezbollah within hours of each other

The situation in the Middle East is on a “tight rope” with Israel striking through targeted attacks a few hours apart, both Iran and Hezbollah located in Lebanon. So far, no one knows if the two strikes are connected, as the Shiite group has attacked Israeli soil in recent days, so there was a precedent. However, since it is controlled by Tehran and modern warfare is being fought through proxies, all possibilities are open. A BBC report said that earlier this week Hezbollah targeted the headquarters of an Israeli military reconnaissance unit in northern Israel. According to reports, the unit is said to be from the Combat Intelligence Corps and was sent to the area to intercept Lebanese attacks, which are a distraction while the invasion of Gaza is underway. According to the British Media, on Tuesday (16/4) the IDF killed two Hezbollah commanders, with the second carrying out on Wednesday (17/4) a missile strike and a drone attack, which […]
Source: News Beast

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