Why Putin and Macron haven’t spoken on the phone in two months – What the Kremlin replied

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THE Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron they have not been in contact by phone for two months because France is an “unfriendly” countrywith which talks are “not necessary” at this time, the Kremlin said today.

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“So, in principle, France is an unfriendly state from the point of view of the actions he undertakes and which concern our country” said to the journalists Dmitry Peskovresponding to a question about the lack of phone communication recently between the two leaders, who had spoken several times earlier this year.

They don’t call each other because they think it’s not the time, and right now that’s just not necessary. If this need is felt, they can call each other in a minute,” said Peskov.

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The last official telephone communication between Putin and Macron took place, as APE-MPE reminds, on May 28, when the two leaders, together with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, discussed the fate of Ukrainian soldiers captured by the Russian military.

Previously, Macron had spoken to Putin by phone in early May, in early March and five times in February amid high tensions until the Kremlin’s attack on Ukraine on February 24. He had also personally traveled to Moscow on February 7 to meet Putin.

These multiple contacts led to criticism of the French president, with some accusing him of maintaining regular communication with the Kremlin leader without succeeding in preventing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia describes as “unfriendly” the countries which, like France, have imposed sanctions against it after its intervention in Ukraine.

The Kremlin is constantly expanding the list of “unfriendly” countries subject to countermeasures from Moscow. Among them are the United States, Australia, Canada, Britain, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Taiwan and all member countries of the European Union.

Source: News Beast

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