Why so many transgender people are killed in Brazil

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Data gathered by the National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (Antra) show that 175 transsexual people were killed in Brazil in 2020. This number places the country in the lead, for the 13th consecutive year, in a disastrous ranking: that of countries where this portion of the population is more murdered. The numbers expose a frightening level of violence, but often they don’t even cause a stir in part of society.

In this episode of Entre Vozes, Luciana Barreto goes beyond the numbers and listens to the stories behind the transphobia statistics in the country. Throughout the episode, university professor Megg Rayara tells how her trajectory was marked by common indicators for trans people, such as dropping out of school – which she prefers to call exclusion – and rejection from the family. Megg also reveals how she escaped these markers, as she returned to school and is now part of the 0.02% of transgender people who access higher education.

In addition to Megg, Alice Felis, Robeyonce Lima and Bruna Benevides, voices that appear in this episode, describe the obstacles they face to assert their rights and continue to contradict statistics in a country that allows the deaths of countless trans people.

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