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Why the effort to expand diversity in companies is still slow in Brazil

The lack of diversity in Brazilian companies is not a new fact, but it is even more worrying in the financial market and in the corporate world, despite the increasingly frequent demands for inclusion policies.

In the United States, Nasdaq, which operates one of the main stock indexes in New York, began to oblige listed companies to adopt and disclose measures to increase the presence of women, people of color and LGBTQIA+ on their boards of directors. Here in Brazil, B3, which manages the exchange in the country, has been asked to impose similar policies on Brazilian companies.

In this episode of Entre Vozes, Luciana Barreto presents an assessment of the challenges and signs of change in the search for greater inclusion in the corporate sector. With the participation of Frei David, founder of the NGO Educafro, the investment manager Fabio Alperowitch and the director of people, marketing, communication and sustainability at B3, Ana Buchaim, the episode addresses the measures that can contribute to a less unequal scenario in companies of Brazil.

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