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Why watch “Continência ao Amor”, a novel that doesn’t leave the Netflix Top 10

Why watch “Continência ao Amor”, a novel that doesn’t leave the Netflix Top 10

new movie from Netflix , “Love Continence” , won over subscribers to the movie streaming platform. Since the premiere on July 29, the production has not left the top of the list of most watched films on the platform in several countries around the world, including Brazil.

The film follows a young aspiring singer who goes through financial problems after discovering that she has diabetes. To get a health plan that covers the expenses of the illness, she marries a military man. The marriage would be of benefit to both of them, as he also needs to pay off a debt from the past.

The film is based on the book of the same name by Tess Wakefield and had direction of Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum (“The Framed” and “Ramona Beezus”) and Ben Lewin (“The Sessions” and “All I Want”).

The production has a strong name in the cast: Sofia Carson . The actress, revealed by Disney and known for her participation in “Descendants”, is the protagonist – she is also the executive producer and responsible for the voice and composition of four songs in the long.

It’s her second film for Netflix: 2020’s “Feel The Beat” introduced the actress to subscribers to the platform.

Well known by the younger audience, she is the romantic partner of Nicholas Galitzine Prince Robert from “Cinderella”, an adaptation of the classic released last year on Prime Video.

In addition to the two, Linden Ashby known for “Mortal Kombat” and “Teen Wolf”, and Chosen Jacobs from ‘It – The Thing’, are also in the plot.


The story, of two people who hate each other but who end up falling in love, moved the public.

And despite being a romance, the couple’s relationship also drew some tears from viewers.


The soundtrack already has more than 10 million streams on the Spotify music platform. The film features four original songs by Sofia Carson. The main one, “Come Back Home”, won a clip last week.

Reality X Fiction

The film portrays the high cost of medical care and the lack of a public health system in the United States.

In the story, Cassie doesn’t have the money to pay for the medical expenses she needs, and she needs to marry a military man to get health insurance.

In social networks, users commented on this clipping of the plot and compared it with the Unified Health System (SUS) in Brazil.

Watch the trailer for “Continue to Love”:

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Source: CNN Brasil



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