Why watch “Wandinha”, new Netflix series about the Addams Family

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Next Wednesday (23) premieres on Netflix “Wandinha” a series full of mysteries that places the Addams family in a new narrative.

Directed and produced by Tim Burton, the production features the daughter of Mortícia and Gomez as the protagonist and follows her trajectory at Escola Nunca Mais.

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After being expelled from the last school, Wandinha starts to attend the same school that her parents studied, a place for the “excluded”, people with supernatural gifts, such as vampires, mermaids, werewolves and other types of “human beings”.

Skeptical, morbid and gloomy, Wandinha doesn’t like the change and plans to run away from the beginning. However, already in the first episode, she has her first vision – a gift inherited from her mother – and finds herself involved in a great mystery.

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Throughout the season, secrets are revealed and Wadinha seeks to unravel what is happening in the city and at her school, while dealing with new relationships.

THE CNN had access to eight episodes and listed four reasons to watch “Wandinha” 🇧🇷 Check out.

Addams Family

The series revisits one of television and film’s most beloved families: the Addams.

Jenna Ortega (“You” and “Pânico 5”) is Wandinha, Catherine Zeta-Jones (“The Mask of Zorro” and “Chicago”) is Morticia, Luis Guzman (“Carlito’s Way” and “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”) is Gomez, Isaac Ordonez it’s Pugsley and Fred Armisen (“Saturday Night Live”) is Uncle Fester. In addition to George Burcea who is the Tropeço (Lurch, in English) and the mystery, who is more like a mascot, of the family the “Mãozinha”.

For those who like the movie “The Addams Family” (1991) you will see a familiar face again. Christina Ricci the actress who brings Wandinha to life in the feature, is in the cast of the series.

The choice of the series to create a narrative based on Wandinha was right. Even though she tries to be unsympathetic and cold, she will win over the public precisely because of her way of being. With a sharp sense of humor and a maturing process throughout the season, the protagonist is complex and interesting.

Despite the family members being supporting actors, the production cultivates the striking traits of each character, known for years by viewers, and takes advantage of the feeling of nostalgia that their presence causes.

Set in the present day, the plot brings this familiar family, created by Charles Addams in the 1900s, to a new world. However, still, they stick to the origins. Wandinha did not give in to technology, she does not have a telephone and uses a typewriter. To talk to each other at a distance, the Addamses use crystal balls.


When Wandinha arrives at Escola Nunca Mais, a series of secrets are revealed and mysteries established, involving her parents, ancestors, classmates, the school and the city.

At the end of each episode, some answers are given, keeping the viewer’s attention without going back and forth on the same question.

Anyone who likes “Stranger Things” can identify with “Wandinha ” which places teenagers in a supernatural context with mysteries to be unraveled.

teenage plot

A series set in a school can’t do without drama. Love relationships, rivalries and friendship building are also part of the plot of “Wandinha” 🇧🇷

The protagonist ends up calling the attention of two characters and sometimes has to deal with the situation.

For someone who was previously selfish and individualistic, Wandinha ends up developing two great friendships: with her roommate and with Mãozinha. Throughout the episodes, it is possible to see the maturation of these relationships and their importance in the plot.

Every production also has that antagonist who is good. At first, she creates a rivalry with the “queen” of the school, which generates good scenes, but in the end, they end up helping each other.

Tim Burton

Who better to create a magical and fantasy world than Tim Burton?

The filmmaker is responsible for directing and executive producing the series and it’s not hard to see. The moment the monster’s appearance is revealed, memories of Burton’s creations come to mind.

Your signature is there and honors your legacy by creating a supernatural world and talking about society’s excluded from this magical and fantasy world.

Source: CNN Brasil

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