Wilko Johnson: The guitarist of Dr. Feelgood – He also appeared in the series “Game of Thrones”

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One of the iconic figures of British punk has passed away at the age of 75, plunging his fans into grief. The reason for him Wilco Johnson, guitarist of Dr. Feel good.

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The unpleasant news became known through the artist’s official social media accounts where his family informed his online friends that Wilko Johnson died at home on Monday, November 21.

In 2013, Wilko Johnson was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and even in the final stage. He himself decided not to undergo chemotherapy, even though the doctors had told him that he was in front of him, nine to ten months of life.

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In 2014 he released his album “Going Back Homewhile in the same year he announced that he had undergone a major operation where he had athree kilos of goss.

Johnson was born John Peter Wilkinson on Canvey Island, Essex in 1947. He started playing guitar as a teenager, but his professional career began in 1971 when he formed Dr Feelgood with singer Lee Brilleaux, bassist John B Sparks and drummer, John Martin.

Wilko Johnson was a member of the band for the first four albums, the last three of which were top 20 in the UK charts. Then there was a conflict between the band members and he left.

After “exit» of Dr Feelgood formed the Solid Senders, who released an album in 1978, and briefly joined the Blockheads, playing on the 1980 album Laughter. A little later, as stated by theguardian.com began to focus on the Wilko Johnson Band.

In 2012 he released his autobiography entitled: Looking Back at Me.

Wilko Johnson had also appeared in the series Game of Thrones in a guest role where he played Ser Ilyn Payne, a mute executioner.

Source: News Beast

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